Olivia Turner is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works between Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne. Her diverse practice includes sculpture, drawing, video, printmaking and performance. She has recently successfully completed a practice-led PhD at Newcastle University, recipient of the Research Excellence Academy Studentship. Her PhD title is 'Between Doctor, Patient and Cadaver: The Slippages of the Visceral Body in Medicine'. Since 2017, she has been working with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research. Olivia has been appointed as Lead for the Arts & Medical  Research Cluster at Newcastle University.


Confabulations, Patient-Doctor Intimates - Wednesday 9th March 2022, 4–5:30pm GMT / 11am–12:30pm EST

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/230750349507

Through art and art historical practice, Olivia Turner and Alison Syme explore the entangled, intimate, and dangerous possibilities of patient-doctor relationships, especially when these identities are embodied by women. Turner presents her moving image work O (Symptom), a feminist meditation on the signs of the medicalised body that seeks an alternative language, through gesture and the figure of the worm, to both reveal the abjection of the examined body and to reclaim the body from medical authority through blurred experiences of pain and pleasure. Syme considers the creative and collaborative relations between Bloomsbury artist Vanessa Bell and the largely forgotten figure of “lady doctor” Marie Moralt, a pair whose therapeutic entanglements took forms of mutual care and crafting. Together, Turner and Syme offer ways to work with and through the messiness of relationality, the porousness of bodies and selves in intimate proximity, that are often intensified by experiences of ill health, ill feelings, care, and medicalisation.



Archival Imaginarium, Thinking Through Things [Online]


O, MFA and PhD exhibition at Newcastle University, XL Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

Confusion of Tongues, SpeakEasy, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

The Body, Zest Hall [Online], Round Lemon


O, XL Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne


New Sculpture for 2019, Exhibition, Cheeseburn, Northumberland


Women and Power: Switched on! Shining a light on female innovation, collaborator Dr Pavandeep Rai, Cragside National Trust, Northumberland

Palace of Science, Wylam Brewery, Newcastle upon Tyne

A Seat at the Table, curated by Gayle Meikle, Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne



S T R E T C H, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway

Reality Check, The NewBridge Project, Gateshead

Valence, Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne


Moving on up, Moving on out, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne


Newcastle University Degree Show, Newcastle University & The Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle University Degree Show, Copeland Gallery, Peckham, London

Circus Between Worlds, Glasgow International, UK

DECAPOD - AirSpace Gallery 10th BirthdayAirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent



Art Site, Whitley Bay Film Festival

Invisible Cities, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

If I could sink my teeth into the earth, Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne


Consuming Spaces, Strømgaten 1 & C. Sundtsgate 15, Bergen, Norway

Urban Art in Context: not cold, Rom8, Bergen, Norway

located, identified and clearly marked. Live Performance, Skottesalen, Bergen, Norway


The Line- Performed, Burned, Folded & Thrown, PH Space, NewBridge Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne


(2017- 2021) Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2017) Bones, The Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2016) Pearey House Centre for Visually Impaired, Royal National Institute for Blind People, North Shields

(2015) Residency alongside artists Bridget Kennedy, Mair Hughes and Katie McGown, Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne


(2016 - 2021) PhD Fine Art, fully funded Research Excellence Academy Studentship, Newcastle University. Supervisors: Katie Cuddon, Dr Ed Juler and Prof Andrew Burton

(2016-2017) Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training, Newcastle University, Distinction with special commendation

(2016-2017) The Collective Studio, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2012-2016) BA Hons Fine Art, Newcastle University, First Class Degree

(2014) Erasmus Exchange, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway

(2010-2011) Foundation Course: Fine Art, Newcastle College



(2022) Shining a Light on Women and Children in Antiquity, Arts and Humanities Research Council

(2021-22) Corporeal Pedagogies, Catherine Cookson Foundation, Newcastle University's Institutes for Creative Arts Practice and Humanities

(2021) Thinking Through Things ECR Project Support GrantThinking Through Things: Object Encounters in the Medical Humanities

(2019-2021) Wellcome Trust Discretionary Award, Thinking Through Things: Object Encounters in the Medical Humanities

(2019-2021) Wellcome Trust ISSF Small Grant, The Visceral Body in Medicine

(2019-2021) HaSS Research Institutes Awards

(2019) Research Excellence Academy Travel Scholarship, Italy

(2018) EngageFMS & Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice Award

(2017) Challenge Labs Project Award, The Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute

(2017) Postgraduate Research Teaching Scholarship, Newcastle University

(2017) The Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice Award

(2016 - 2019) Research Excellence Academy Studentship (REA), fully funded practice-led Fine Art PhD

(2015) The Bartlett Travel Scholarship

(2014) Studentship Prize, Newcastle University




(2021) The Way My Body Feels, 4 workshops in the series, Newcastle University and the Great North Museum

(2020) (un)Masking the Wellcome Collection, led by Ilaria Grando and Olivia Turner (online)

(2019) The Way My Body Feels, Newcastle University

(2019) Patient Day, Crowne Plaza, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2018) Public Engagement in Medical Science, collaboration between Wellcome Trust and National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement, funded participation by Wellcome Trust

(2018) Sculpting our Insides, Lily Foundation Family Weekend, Warwick; sculpture workshop with patients and families affected by mitochondrial disease

(2015) Beyond Frontiers, West Jesmond Primary School; A community engaged project exploring past and present identities and human diversity with the aim of promoting mutual respect and understanding within local communities. Collaboration between Newcastle University’s Archaeology, Classics, History and Fine Art Departments. Using the Shefton Collection as part of a series of workshops at West Jesmond Primary School and the Great North Museum

(2015) ACT 1 ¦ ACT 2, Newcastle University; drawing and performance workshop with Fine Art undergraduate students

(2015) Drawing from Life, Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne; drawing workshop with Fine Art staff and undergraduate students from Archaeology, History, Fine Art and Medical Science



(2022) Humanities in Medicine Symposium, Sunderland University

(2021) Thinking Through Things & Film Screening, Invisibility: Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research 4th Annual Congress, Durham University (Online)

(2020) Thinking Through Things with Wellcome ECR training day, Wellcome Collection, London

(2020) Archival Imaginarium, Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research 4th Annual Congress, University of Sheffield

(2019) Artist Talk, EXPLORE: Lifelong Learning, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2019) Interdisciplinary Conversations Around Making, Symposium, Newcastle University

(2018) Arts and Science Research Event, collaboration between Northumbria University’s Cultural Negotiation of Science & Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice

(2018) Innovation in collaborative Practice-led & Medical Science Research, Symposium, The Core, Newcastle University

(2018) Exploring the Lexicon of the Mouth with Olivia Turner and Gayle Meikle, Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2017) Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute Challenge Labs Showcase Event, Boiler House, Newcastle University

(2017) Valence: Interactive and Interdisciplinary Symposium, Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle upon Tyne

(2015) If I could Sink My Teeth into the Whole EarthChaired debate between Dr Stephen Moonie, Olivia Turner, Bridget Kennedy and Dr Mark Jackson, Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne


(September 2017 – Ongoing) Newcastle University, Fine Art Studio Tutor to 60 first year undergraduate home and international students. Developed and individually led the performance teaching in the Performance and Film making Strand.

(September 2017 – Ongoing) Newcastle University, Fine Art Studio Tutor, frequently offering and requested for one-to-one surgery tutorials with undergraduate students from all year groups. Frequently involved in teaching across a broad range of practices.

(September 2018 – Ongoing) Newcastle University, Fine Art Studio Tutor to 5 fourth year undergraduate students. Module development, teaching and assessment, writing feedback, administrative duties, significant experience with one-to-one and group teaching

(September 2018 – Ongoing) Newcastle University, Fine Art Studio Tutor leading cross-year crit groups of up to undergraduate students from second to fourth year.

(March 2019-2020) Newcastle University, Seminar leader, History, Classics and Archaeology Department. Teaching on the Bodies, Sex and Identities in Classical Greece third year module; looking at innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies in relation to the study of anatomical votives, the body and identity.