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Voicing Objects

2024, Moving Image [Excerpt]

Voicing Objects presents a new moving image artwork by Olivia Turner in response to selected clay artefacts from the Shefton Collection of Greek Archaeology. These objects relate to the lives of women in the ancient world, bringing voice to historically marginalised stories. This embodied approach uses artefacts to think, feel, imagine, and voice with. This exhibition reveals the role objects have within history to promote and challenge patriarchal constructions.

Olivia has worked closely with Pippa Anderson, a clinical vocal rehabilitation expert, to create an improvised soundtrack, which explores the voice as a method for care, expression, and healing.

voicing objects.png


Directed, produced and edited by Olivia Turner

Camera by Saya Rose Media, featuring Pippa Anderson & Hannah Waters

Music score devised and performed by Pippa Anderson, Music recorded and edited by David De La Haye

Choreography devised and performed by Hannah Waters

Funded by Wellcome Trust, Catherine Cookson Foundation and Newcastle University's Institutes for Creative Arts Practice & Humanities

With special thanks to the Shefton Collection, Great North Museum: Hancock, Culture Lab, Andrew Parkin and Sally Waite

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